Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ariens 920014 Gas Snow Blower Review

I can't find out why Ariens called this snow blower the Compact 2 4 It Is anything but little. Nevertheless, in comparison to a 42" behemoth I guess this version qualifies. Additionally, it got a great piece of the snow clearing power of those actually sizeable units. Here's why.

2 4-inch Clearing Width
The Ariens Small 24 (also known as the ST24LE or occasionally just the 920014) is a two-period snow blower providing - no surprise - 24-inch clearing width. What may surprise you - it did me - is while providing energy and significant durability the way small some of one other specifications are.

For example, it weighs only 178 lbs. That's way from featherweight but it's unusually mild for a snow thrower that provides this amount of clearing ability. It measures 51.9" long x 26.4" broad x 44.3" high).

One reason for that ability is the 3-knife serrated steel auger. Having a size of 11" it's maybe not the largest auger around however it's rough. It Is getting more prevalent to make use of plastic nowadays.

Modern-day plastic augers are light weight, letting them whirl fast while demanding less engine power. And, materials these days are quite strong. Nevertheless, they get chewed up quite quickly on gravel-laden drives or pavements. This one may get a ding or two (which can be smoothed out if need be) but it'll never destroy.

208cc Briggs & Stratton Engine

Yet another reason for the high powered operation is the 208cc Briggs & Stratton engine onboard. True, that is maybe not the largest accessible by any stretch. Yet it has got the classic Briggs & Stratton quality and efficacy.

These come from a gasoline-run, 4-period OHV design with cast-iron gear housing. The gas power will persist for a good long time - at least two or three hours, generally - due to the 3.2 quart (0.8 gallons/3.0 L) fuel tank.

At once, it's easy to begin using the electric-run push button program. Just connect it in to any normal 120V wall socket and go. Obviously, occasionally you need to clear snow within an electric outage as well as for anyone times the traditional recoil continues.